Femdom: Exploring the Intricacies of Female Domination

by FemdomWebsites

Femdom Mean

The term 'Femdom' stands for female domination and is more or less a synonym for dominatrix. It's a popular part of the BDSM community, with many men enjoying the experience of being dominated by a woman. We'll delve into the core aspects of the Femdom, getting to understand the dynamics behind the role.

The Basics of Female Domination

Definition and Dynamics

A Femdom is a woman or femme-presenting person engaging in BDSM activities in the dominant role. They are also called Dominatrices or Dommes. Breaking all regular conventions of gender roles, a Femdom brings to life the fantasy of a world where women exercise control over their submissive partners.

The essence of a femdom lies in the power over their sub during roleplay, encompassing everything from bondage, punishment, humiliation, and psychological dominance. Any gender can perform both the femdom position and the sub - a femdom differs from a male dominant, mainly in the presentation of being a dominant female-presenting person.

Activities and Sessions

BDSM activities occur in a designated 'session,' also called 'play' or a 'scene.' A session can include a wide variety of previously discussed BDSM practices, including bondage, discipline, or humiliation.

Explicit sexual activities are not necessary for a session to be considered a BDSM session and in fact, are not typical in sessions with dominatrices. The pleasure derived from BDSM play is more often derived from the psychological and emotional aspects, with sexual arousal being a backdrop to the experience.

During a session with a femdom, they will typically take control of the sub, performing the activities mentioned above and more.

Roles and Consent

In BDSM, there are two main roles everyone plays: dominants (Dom/Domme) and submissives (Sub). You don't have to stick to one all the time, but usually, one person takes on each for the duration of a session. Because the dominant role assumes a position of great power and authority and the sub is expected to surrender fully to the Dom's will, consent is the foundational safety principle to all BDSM sessions.

The kind of consent needed is fully informed, explicit, and revolves around a strong line of prior communication between the two parties beforehand. It can be dangerous to engage in BDSM activities without prior agreements and understanding between everyone involved.

Things You Should Know


Due mainly to its portrayal in popular media, there are a lot of misconceptions about BDSM flying around. A common one is the assumption that all dominatrices engage in sexual acts as part of their services. But this isn't necessarily the case. The role of a dominatrix is more often centered on power dynamics rather than sex. Of course, sexual arousal is a part of the experience, but nudity and sexual intercourse most often aren't.

In addition, while there are dominatrices who wear leather corsets and thigh-high black boots, these are just attire choices that help to symbolize their power over their sub. In reality, femdoms can wear all sorts of outfits, especially ones that fit the session's theme. Not that leather corsets aren't still quite popular, but it is a bit of a stereotype.

Apprenticeship and Learning

Typically, becoming a femdom involves taking on an apprenticeship under a more experienced dominatrix, referred to as "starting from the bottom." The apprentice femdom will learn a variety of 'trade secrets' from more experienced femdoms, such as knot tying, using tools effectively, and how to embody the femdom persona. More than anything, it's about learning the spirit and dynamics of being the one in control.

Submissive's Perspective

There's another societal misconception we should break - that a man taking on the role of the sub is somehow weak or demeaning. If it's fun, why should it be considered these things? It's more of a role to play and enjoy in the moment in order to derive a certain kind of fulfillment.

If it helps, you can think of submitting to a dominatrix not as a sign of weakness but actually as a different kind of empowerment. Being a good sub requires a deep understanding of yourself, how to communicate, and a commitment to fulfill the desires of the femdom. Taking on this kind of responsibility and being willing to commit are signs of strength of character.

Empowerment and Relationship Types

Femdom relationships are part of a group of relationships called female-led relationships (FLRs). The focus of these relationships can be on the control of the male partner, or the empowerment of the female partner, or both.

For example, some people might feel like they want to take control over their male partner and become a femdom for that reason, some may be looking to empower themselves, and others may want the sub role to feel controlled. There are many different reasons a femdom relationship might start.

Femdoms are a fundamental part of the BDSM community, so it's good to know about them. They can offer a rich range of experiences by challenging conventional norms and allowing individuals to explore their desires in a consensual, respectful, and empowering way.