10 Best Femdom Sites for Dating A Dominatrix Near You

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A dominatrix is probably one of the best-known parts of femdom. Most people are familiar with the idea of a leather-clad dominatrix armed with a whip or paddle, dishing out punishment to someone bound or gagged.

The dominatrix dominates a submissive partner, often a man, through things bondage, spanking, and verbal humiliation. If you identify as a sub in BDSM that loves to be dominated, then chances are you are going to love everything that this femdom sites list has to offer.

Of course, finding a dominatrix isn't always easy, especially if you're new to femdom. It's not the type of thing that's openly advertised on dating websites, so knowing where to find a dominatrix for femdom dating can be challenging.

Thankfully, there are many great femdom sites that make it easy to find a dominatrix for your kinky fun. Whether you're looking for a one-of experience or an ongoing relationship with a dominatrix, be sure to check out the following femdom dating websites.

1. BDSMDatingOnly


With a name like BDSMDatingOnly, it's safe to say this dating site is a great option for finding a dominatrix.

BDSMDatingOnly is one of the biggest femdom websites around. People using this site love all things BDSM, from spanking and bondage to foot worship and female domination. So, if you're looking for a dominatrix to explore all your wildest fantasies, this is a great dating site to check out.

The femdom site offers plenty of useful features for members, including uploading all sorts of kinky stuff like photos and videos. This is great when searching for a dominatrix, as you can check out their photos and videos to see if they're the right match for you!

Blogs are also a big part of the online community at BDSMDatingOnly, with all sorts of insightful blogs covering various aspects of BDSM. If you need help understanding more about finding a dominatrix to date, or just how to act with a dominatrix for the first time, the blogs are very useful!

You can place a profile for free on BDSMDatingOnly, with a good portion of features available with a free membership. We suggest using the free trial to get a feel for the website, committing to a paid membership if you like what you see!

2. AdultFriendFinder


AdultFriendFinder is one of the best-known dating sites, launching almost 30 years ago.

Being around for so long means that the site has earned a strong reputation within the femdom community. As a result, there's plenty of dommes using the website, any of which may be perfect for exploring your kinkiest desires.

AdultFriendFinder is the largest adult community in the world. People here are up for almost anything, whether it's femdom, bondage, or just a quick hookup.

One thing we really love about AdultFriendFinder is the chatrooms. The site has a massive selection of chatrooms covering just about any dating topic you can think of, including all things BDSM. There's sections dedicated to being a sub, along with lots of useful topics and guides about finding and dating a dominatrix.

You can access the femdom chatrooms for free, so we suggest using these to connect with other people in the BDSM community. There's a good chance of chatting with a dominatrix in these chat rooms, so be sure to check them out, especially because it's free!

As with most femdom sites, we always recommend taking the time to fill out your dating profile on AdultFriendFinder, including all your kinks and fetishes, and that you're looking for a dominatrix. Doing so will make it easier to find the right type of dominatrix that you're looking for!

3. ALT.com


ALT.com might not be the largest BDSM dating website but it does have a strong active user base, meaning less time wasters and fake profiles. There are roughly 700,000 monthly users on ALT.com, so it's one of the more active femdom niche dating websites.

Because the site caters exclusively to BDSM culture, all the users here are into kinky stuff like femdom, spanking, threesomes, and just about any fetish you can imagine. This includes plenty of dominant females looking for a submissive partner!

A dominatrix on ALT.com is going to be very experienced, so can provide an amazing time for anyone looking to be dominated. There's also a great range of dommes covering all shapes and sizes, making it easy to find one that meets your unique tastes and preferences.

A very open minded community, users on ALT.com love sharing kinky content, like nudes and naughty videos, which can be viewed on each member's profile. You can even upload some of your own kinky content to potentially catch the eye of a dominatrix!

When looking for femdom on ALT.com, be sure to take advantage of these awesome videos, as any good dominatrix will be happy to show off her skills on the site!

ALT.com is free to sign up for and you can access some basic features, while the paid membership isn't too expensive, so might be worth checking out if you like what you see.

4. FetLife


FetLife is more of a social media website than a dating site, also known as the Facebook for kinksters within the BDSM community. That description is quite accurate, as FetLife basically looks and works the same as Facebook – just with lots of kinky content!

Like with most social media platforms, FetLife is free to use, and you get access to almost every feature as soon as you create a profile. Once you create a profile, you can make posts, upload photos, and make friends with other profiles.

After someone accepts your friend requests, you can view their profile and all their content, while also messaging them, just like on social media sites. Most of the posts on FetLife are explicit stuff like nudes or amateur vids – it's well worth exploring for all sorts of naughty femdom content.

You won't struggle to find a good dominatrix on FetLife. The site is very popular in the BDSM community, with lots of dominant and submissive people using the femdom site.

One of our favorite features on FetLife is the local events, where you can find nearby meetups, community events, and even BDSM play sessions. If you're struggling to find activities in your local BDSM scene, then FetLife is a great resource for finding more information.

Also, if you take the time to build your friends lists, you can connect with nearby BDSM enthusiasts, which can also potentially also help you find a dominatrix!

5. AshelyMadison


AhsleyMadison is one of the more infamous dating sites, mainly because it was originally designed for people looking to have an affair! Over the years it's become a more standard dating site, attracting a more diverse range of people, including those that are into femdom.

A cool feature on AshelyMadison is that women don't need to pay for a membership. Because it's free for women, the site has a large share of female users, which is always a good thing for a dating site, which typically have much higher male to female ratios.

With it being free for women, lots of dommes are using AshelyMadison, although you will need to pay if you want to message them! This is because male users need to pay for tokens to access the main messaging features on the site.

You don't need to pay for a membership though – you can buy as many tokens as you like. It's a good system, as you can spend as much as you want, rather than needing to commit to a monthly subscription.

Tokens are quite cheap too, so you don't need to spend a fortune to chat with a hot dominatrix on AshelyMadison. However, the more dommes you chat to on AshelyMadison, the more tokens you will need to buy, although it may be worth the price if you're enjoying it!

6. Fetster


Fetster isn't really a dating site, instead being more an online forum that caters to all kinks and fetishes.

Our favorite feature of Fetster is that it is 100% free to use. There are no paid membership options on this site, every single feature is completely free to use from the moment you join. So, if you don't have the budget for paid femdom sites but still want to find a do dominatrix, be sure to check out Fetster!

Another one of Fester's big selling points is its no-tolerance policy for time wasters and fake profiles. Anyone that's experienced online dating knows just how many fake profiles and time waters are out there – it's arguably the most frustrating thing about using dating sites.

So, the fact that Fetster quickly deletes inactive profiles means that the website is packed with real and active users. You don't need to worry about wasting your time and money chatting to bots or fake profiles, as virtually every user is a real person.

Fetster has a lot of features common in forums, including various chat rooms and blogs. These are great resources for learning more about BDSM and connecting with like-minded kinksters. You can also create a user profile, and upload photos and videos, which are a good way to build trust when making friend requests on the site.

As always, we recommend taking the time to fill out your profile with lots of detail when signing up for Fetster. You can list all your kinks and fetishes on Fetster, so be sure to include that you're a submissive looking for a dominatrix, as this will improve your chances of meeting one!

When users on Fetster see that you've included photos, videos, and all your kinks and fetishes, you immediately become more trustworthy. This increases the chances of other members, like a dominatrix, wanting to connect with you!

7. FemdomDating


FemdomDating is a website that focuses on female domination or femdom. Given that a dominatrix is probably the best-known example of female domination, it's safe to say that Femdom Dating has plenty of dommes waiting to find their next sub!

It might not have as large a user base as some of the sites features on this list, but FemdomDating's smaller community is incredibly active, so well worth checking out. You don't need to worry about fake profiles and time wasters on this femdom site, as most people here are active members of the BDSM community.

Most users love posting photos of themselves, so you won't struggle to find a dominatrix posting naughty nudes and other kinky photos.

Female users get to use FemdomDating for free, where they can post personal ads based on their local area. The site has countless personals to browse through, including plenty of dommes, so finding a dominatrix shouldn't be too hard!

The personals are one of the best features of FemdomDating. It's very localized, often down to towns and cities, making it much easier to find a local person to enjoy some BDSM fun with. We're confident that most people can find a local dominatrix when using these personals, even if they live in a less populated area.

8. FemdomPit


FemdomPit is quickly becoming one of the must-visit femdom sites for male subs seeking female domination. The site is seeing a constant increase in active members, as word is spreading about just how great this dating site is for finding a hot domme!

Most of the members on FemdomPit fall into two categories - male submissives and female dominants. Guys that love to get dominated by women are spoiled for choice on FemdomPit, as there are countless stunning dommes waiting for her next sub.

Dommes here cater to all kinks and preferences, from spanking and bondage to foot worship and pegging. So, no matter your kinks and fetishes, you'll be able to find a dominatrix willing to have fun here.

FemdomPit follows the standard dating site formula, where you make a profile, fill out a questionnaire, and then start browsing other profiles. It has some excellent search features, including lots of filters to help narrow your search for a dominatrix.

Be sure to play around with the search features on FemdomPit, as they're a great way to find local dommes looking to play.

You do need a paid membership to use most of the features on FemdomPit, while you can also choose to pay for priority listing, which will put you at the top of search results. Prices aren't too high though, so it might be worth trialing the dating site to help you find a dominatrix.

9. SlaveSelection


SlaveSelection is a newer femdom dating site that aims to match female dominants with submissive partners. Open to all sexualities and genders, it is a great place to try and find a dominatrix for kinky dating fun.

You can create a profile on SlaveSelection for free, with a good selection of features available with the basic membership. For instance, you can edit your profile, upload photos, and search and view other profiles on SlaveSelection with a free membership.

However, if you want to start chatting you will need a paid membership, although it's reasonably priced so might be worth checking out if you like what you see.

We recommend using the free membership to browse some profiles and see if you find a dominatrix that catches your eye. If you find a dominatrix you watch to connect with, then just upgrade to a paid membership and get chatting.

10. DominatrixDating


DominatrixDating is a femdom site that's all about female domination. If you're a sub looking for a gorgeous dominatrix for kinky fun, DominatrixDating is worth checking out!

While its member base is on the smaller side, the existing members are very active, so there's less time wasters compared to some of the bigger sites on this list. It's also a female dominated website, with a large portion of users being dommes looking for a submissive partner.

DominatrixDating follows a standard format for dating sites, where you create a profile, fill out a questionnaire, and upload some photos of yourself. It's a quick and easy process that takes about 10 minutes, after which you can start browsing for a dominatrix.

We highly recommend filling out the questionnaire when making a profile, as you can clearly list your preferences as a submissive looking for a dominatrix. You can also include your specific kinks and fetishes, which should make it easier to find the right dominatrix, while indicating that you're a reliable user and not a fake profile.

Of course, as with any femdom websites, make sure you upload a couple of nice photos of yourself. It not only makes you more appealing to a dominatrix viewing your profile, but generally shows you're a trustworthy user and not a time waster, which always helps when searching dating sites.