Why Professional Dominatrixes Do Not Have Sex With Clients

by FemdomWebsites

Professional Dominatrixes

Realistically, professional dominatrixes don't have sex with clients, which isn't surprising if you are familiar with the femdom world. Today I'm going to share with you the real reasons why professional dominatrixes do not have sex with their clients.

1. They separate their BDSM work from their personal lives

A recent survey shows that the majority of professional dominatrixes have their own normal lives outside the BDSM world, and many of them get into short-term flings or vanilla relationships outside BDSM.

For example, Amanda is a dominatrix who makes a living by dominating clients. Meanwhile, she is married to a family man. Her husband knows what she does for a living. Because he fully understands how her job works (sex is not involved), he doesn't mind Amanda's work.

2. They are not turned on by their clients

Most professional dominatrixes are extremely attractive women who prefer alpha men rather than male clients who pay them for BDSM sessions. Therefore, professional dominatrixes and their clients have nothing in common in reality. Indeed, clients love to be dominated by professional dominatrixes, but that doesn't arouse dominatrixes sexually.

3. Some dominatrixes set personal boundaries with clients

Bianca is a femdom dominatrix who has regular clients. All of her clients are aware of her boundaries because the first session with a new client always begins with a discussion about boundaries, i.e., Bianca clarifies what she would do and what she wouldn't do with the client. Because Bianca is very good at what she does, her clients respect her personal boundaries really well.

4. Professional ethics can be the fundamental factor

A lot of clients hire dominatrixes because they can't get this type of satisfaction while having sex with their wives. Life is short, so many men pay femdom for satisfying sessions regularly.

Because these professional dominatrixes know that lots of clients are married, they wouldn't have sex with their clients.

5. There are legal regulations that prevent professional dominatrixes from having sex with clients

If a dominatrix has sex with her client, that becomes prostitution which is illegal in many countries /states. For example, in Australia, prostitution is illegal in South Australia. Most states in the USA don't allow prostitution either. As a result, the majority of dominatrixes do not have sex with their clients, no matter how much money their clients are willing to pay. For instance, Celena has been a professional dominatrix for more than 10 years and she has had high-profile clients who paid her well. (Celena has recently bought a new property as an investment.) But she never had sex with her clients.

6. BDSM sessions' focus is fetish exploration, power exchange, etc. instead of sexual intercourse

"My clients understand that every session focuses on BDSM play rather than sexual intercourse," says Diana, a professional dominatrix who has been in this industry for 15 years, "Clients expect me to offer them a wide range of BDSM activities like spanking, role-playing and bondage, and they know sexual intercourse is not included."

7. A large number of professional dominatrixes prioritize wellbeing and safety

Without sexual intercourse, clients and dominatrixes wouldn't get sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Hence, lots of dominatrixes only offer non-sexual services regarding BDSM.

Felicity is a professional dominatrix based in New Zealand. She has had hundreds of clients over 2 decades. However, as hygiene is important to Felicity, she has only had sex with 3 clients – she established trust with these three gentlemen. In a way, she has had real relationships with 3 men who happen to be her clients.

8. Some professional dominatrixes don't want to/can't have penetrative sex

This reason might surprise you, but it's true: The best professional dominatrixes and porn writers that I know don't like penetrative sex because of vaginismus.

Women who suffer from vaginismus actually want to have sex very much – it's just very difficult for them to have enjoyable penetrative sex in life. Thus, these women's imagination about phenomenal sex is amazing: they become porn writers and professional dominatrixes.

That is to say, artistic women who find it hard to enjoy penetrative sex express their sexual desire differently – often through BDSM work or porn writing.

Kristy Chu, a Taiwanese artist who is famous for her paintings, used to study art in the United States. When she was a virgin, she had an incredible imagination about sex. Because she was looking forward to having sex at that time, she painted a picture about sexuality which gained a lot of praise from her teacher at university. Then she had sex with a guy during a summer holiday; after that, she painted another picture about sexuality – This time, her teacher at university was very disappointed and said, "You did that, right?! That's why your new painting isn't very good now!"

Well, that explains why not having sex could be the answer.